Why attend?

March 2021 will see the United Kingdom formally leave the European Union. Leaving the EU will bring both challenges and opportunities for the UK. We will now need to forge new relationships with European countries and the rest of the world to develop trade and investment opportunities.

The UK will need to develop inward investment opportunities, develop new partnerships, new alliance and new mechanisms to drive economic and social outcomes. UK Cities will need to work closer together, be more flexible in their approach to problem solving and develop new levers to draw in investment whilst shifting from a one-size fits all mentality.

The UK stands on the verge of an ability to develop global trade partnerships which can enhance public services through technological advances. During the 1990’s per capita income grew three times faster in developing countries that lowered trade barriers than those that did not. This is not confined to developing nations. The OECD growth project found that a ten percentage-point increase in trade exposure was associated with a four percent rise in income per capita. Globilisation can have sustainable benefits to our economy, through trade, specialisation and innovation.

Reasons you should attend:

  • Discover the latest UK smart projects and innovations
  • Discover how to gain long-term investment for your city, town or region
  • Form valuable links with key decision makers and foster partnerships
  • Meet with potential investors and solution providers in our expo area
  • Celebrate those individuals who are leading the way within the UK at our awards ceremony