Meeting City Challenges Programme


The programme aims to unlock region-wide challenges through solutions via a series of Roadshows to be held throughout 2019/2020. These Roadshows will bring together Cities & Towns to discuss their current social & economic challenges. Each Roadshow will provide CPD accredited learning via a workshop environment in which stakeholders, appointed by Smart Cities UK, will be on hand to provide information on how to overcome some of the common challenges facing local authorities.

The one day Roadshows will provide a setting for which we will discuss how to:

  • Identify suitable pathways to meet city challenges

  • Unlock procurement to enable progress on driving innovation where available and useful via Crown Commercial Services

  • Share best practices and learning between cities & towns regionally to drive collaboration and share resources

  • The role technology can play within a pathway

  • Engage with citizens effectively

Roadshows will be held in:

  • Leeds, England - October 15th 2019

  • Perth, Scotland - November 21st 2019

  • Cardiff, Wales - March 5th 2020

  • Derry, Northern Ireland - April 23rd 2020

Cities & Town representatives will be given free access to attend each roadshow. At each roadshow the team at Smart Cities UK will bring together stakeholders to join the conversations of meeting city challenges via forums, interactive workshops and discussion. These stakeholders will be joined by UK professionals representing local authorities who will share their experiences on how to overcome challenges, create pathways and embed technology where needed. Those attending will have the opportunity to set out their challenges and barriers within an accelerated workshop session at each roadshow.


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