Meeting City Challenges Programme


The Smart Cities UK Campaign will bring together towns, cities and industry on a regional basis to address the challenges they face and share experiences. The Campaign is a multi-layered online and offline engagement process designed to advance economic and social improvements across UK regions

Stage 1
Bringing together digital leaders within Local Authorities across regions to share ambitions, challenges and experiences. Via the regional roadshows we will identify and benchmark current economic and social progress of regional cities and towns in attendance, citing challenges such as housing, transport and environmental impact.

Stage 2
Smart Cities UK will provide an opportunity to partner with Local Authorities to develop, or support, a smart city strategy. This support can be conducted outside of the Campaign in which we will liaise with our Industry members where necessary to determine solutions appropriate to the challenge in question.

Stage 3

Smart Cities UK will showcase best-practice, including any smart city strategies being developed via the national website. This repository of case-studies will include guidance, information and tools for UK Cities and Towns seeking to gain an understanding and whom may not be able to make the roadshows. This repository will be backed-up with access to key experts, advisors and bodies partnering the Campaign which can add value to your strategy including Crown Commercial Services.


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