*Programme subject to change

08:30 - Registration & Expo

09:15 - Chairs introduction & Welcome

- Speaker: Dougal Shaw, Video Journalist, BBC World Hacks

09:30 - UK Government Strategy on Smart Cities

- Speaker: Darren Jones MP, Member of Parliament for Bristol North West and APPG on Smart Cities Member

09:45 - The importance of digital inclusion in making sure everyone benefits – no one left behind

- Speaker: Debbie Brown, Director of Service Reform, Salford City Council

10:00 - Smart Cities; Preparing for a Smart Nation

- Speaker: Dr Jacqui Taylor, CEO of FlyingBinary & Smart Cities Advisor to HM Government

10:25 - The UK's Smart transformation

- Speaker: The Rt Hon Lord Henley, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

10:40 - Panel Session - How do you make a City Smart?

Panel includes:

  • Chaired by - Dougal Shaw, Video Journalist, BBC World Hacks
  • Peter Baeck, Head of Collaborative Economy Research, Nesta
  • Phil Beecher, President, Wi-SUN Alliance
  • Les Pyle, Chief Executive, Institute for Collaborative Working
  • Dr Jacqui Taylor, CEO of FlyingBinary & Smart Cities Advisor to HM Government

  • This panel discussion will address:

  • What support is available to UK Cities and Towns?
  • How do we ensure a national strategy is in place and what is the blueprint for a smart city?
  • Is there a one-size fits all approach to get Cities and Towns started with their "Smart" plans?
  • Is there a clear lack of education and training on smart cities

  • 11:10 - Refreshments & Expo

    Conference Breakout

    Stream 1 - Data

      11:30 - Chair's Welcome - Speaker: Brian Bishop CEO, Data Performance Consultancy Ltd
      11:35 - How A.I. can influence UK Cities and Towns - Speaker: Vishal Chatrath, CEO and co-founder, PROWLER.io
      11:50 - The power of Big Data to improve social and economic outcomes - Speaker: George Johnston, Founder, Nitrous

      Data is a critical part of any smart city. But while there's a lot of noise about identifying and collecting new datasets, there's a significant opportunity to revisit the wealth of data that already exists. As data holders, local authorities and central governments are in pole position to effect positive social and economic change; through opening up datasets and creating an environment that fosters innovation.

      George Johnston, Founder of Nitrous, will talk about govtech, civtech and the what the public sector's relationship with data could look like in the future.
      12:00 - Mapping - 5G deployment: think global, act local - Speakers: Richard Woodling, Client and Programme Manager, Ordnance Survey
      Cities and local authorities will have an increasingly proactive role in shaping the 5G communications rollout within their communities to underpin a range of smart initiatives. This presentation will set out the strategic findings from a recent project in Bournemouth, including the benefits for cities of adopting and maintaining detailed data about the local environment for the successful implementation of 5G.
      12:15 - Intelligent real-time Data for Transport - Speaker: Cleverciti Systems
      12:30 - Data Sharing: More Collaboration For More Value Speaker: Fanny Goldschmidt, Business Developer, OpenDataSoft & Carl Rodrigues, Commercial Associate
      12:45 - Questions & Answer Session

    Stream 2 - Infrastructure

      11:30 - Chair's Welcome - Speaker: Phil Beecher, Chairman, Wi-SUN Alliance
      11:35 - The role of IOT in Smart Cities and Towns - Matthew Fitzpatrick, Sales Director, Bouygues Energies & Services

      Matt Fitzpatrick from Bouygues Energies & Services explains why we need intelligent communities and how IoT is playing a role in solving the problems faced by our towns and cities.
      11:50 - Lighthouse Cities - Speaker: Nathan Pierce, Programme Director of Sharing Cities, Greater London Authority

      Sharing Cities is a European Wide research programme exploring how data and smart technology can improve the lives of citizens and make cities more efficient and sustainable, through testing a range of different smart measures and scaling up what works. In this speech Nathan will explore the role of the city and explore how can cities achieve positive change through coming together to learn, aggregate demand and have a proactive impact on the marketplace through joint procurement of smart tech and innovation.
      12:05 - Creating an Adaptable City - Speaker: Dr Ian Lewis, Director of Infrastructure Investment, The University of Cambridge
      12:20 - How asset sharing platforms are an easy win for smart cities - Speaker: Daniel O Connor, CEO, Warp-It
      12:35 - Easy to grow but difficult to grow 'SMART'- Speaker: James Rayner, Board Director at Broadway Malyan
      12:45 - Cities Transforming Parking Problems to RevenuesSpeaker: Ofer Lidror, CEO & Founder, Lidror

      BioPak - Biometric personal parking tags, to solve the disabled parking abuse
      City Tag – Innovative digital car platform, optimizing municipality control over parking zones

    Stream 3 - Citizen Engagement

      11:30 - Chair's Welcome - Speaker: CEO and Cofounder Benjamin Snow, Civocracy
      11:35 - Health & Wellbeing for citizens - Speaker: Declan Hadley, Digital Health Lead, Lancashire and Cumbria Change Programme

      How consumer-centric technology can be used to empower people, giving them access to their own health data and enabling them to use it to improve their health and wellbeing.
      11:50 - Designing a city for smart citizens - Speaker: Priya Prakesh, Founder, D4SC
      12:05 - Addressing Congestion in the Smart City - Speaker: Dan Clarke, Smart Cambridge Programme Manager, Connecting Cambridgeshire
      12:20 - E- Tourism and the role it can play on boosting the economy - Speaker: Richard Veal, Managing Director, New Mind tellUS

      New Mind provides e-Tourism solutions for 150 destinations across the UK. The cornerstone of their work is the aggregation of a rich, up-to-date, database of all tourism product including accommodation, attractions, activities, retail, eateries and events. Additionally, the visit websites and apps that the company produces attract over 100 million user sessions per year and this big data could be mined to give insight into the future intentions of tourists to the destination. All of the above is accessible via a documented API and Richard is keen to explore how this could be utilised by interested parties working in the Smart City space.
      12:35 - Real estate is getting smart: Planet Idea's approach and experience in Italy and Brazil - Speaker: Daniele Russolillo,Programme Manager, Planet Idea

      Planet Idea is the first Smart Competence Center in the world capable of transforming large real estate projects into smart ones. In 2015 they created the first smart city incorporating social housing in Croatà, Brazil, to be completed in 2020 for 20.000 inhabitants.

      In 2016 they also developed the first smart square in Italy, located in Turin. Planet Idea integrates innovative urban products, services, and best practices, based on smart city principles into greenfield developments. They create neighborhoods which improve the quality of life of its residents,they provide efficient and cost-effective services, and they integrate a broad range of technologies, digital platforms and an app for citizens with a focus on social inclusiveness. The presentation will show the worldwide experience of Planet Idea with a special focus on Brazil and Italy.
      12:50 - Question and Answer Session

    12:55 - Lunch & Expo

    13:55 - Elevator Pitching - The EIT Digital Accelerator Smart Cities Start-up challenge

    Chair: Fergie Miller, UK Smart Cities Lead for EIT Digital

    Please visit Elevator Section for more details on how to enter

    Conference Breakout

    Stream 4 - Security

      14:35 - Chair's Welcome - Speaker: Iain Stewart MP, Chair, APPG on Smart Cities
        14:45 - Smart Surveillance - “How a single data source can drive multiple traffic enforcement and management applications including Clean Air Zones” - Speaker: Tim Daniels, Sales & Marketing Director, Videalert

        Topics to be covered:
      • How open data platform approach supports multiple internal/external consumers
      • Examples of multiple applications supported through a single platform
      • Open data platform approach allows partnering with best of breed technologies to deliver end-to-end solutions – focus on clean air zones and Imperial partnership solution
      • Importance of standards such as ONVIF to this type of integrated solution
      • Hosted Platform – quick and easy way to deploy such solutions
        15:00 - Smart Cities & the Next Generation of Cyber Threats - Speaker: Andrew Tsonchev, Director of Technology, Darktrace Industrial
        15:15 - Subject TBC - Speaker: Stephen Jones, Surveillance Lead, Seagate
        15:25 - Question and Answer Session

      Stream 5 - Workforce

        14:35 - Chair's Welcome - Speaker: Andrew Collings, Public Sector Lead, Neyber
        14:40 - Digitally Innate Citizens & Workforce - Speaker: Dr David Hardman MBE, Chief Executive Officer, Innovation Birmingham Ltd

        The Innovation Birmingham Campus orchestrates a community of digital innovators and entrepreneurs; providing them with opportunity to innovate through partnership. The journey to new products and services is often serendipitous, so bringing together the widest possible range of people from the city is the best way to drive digital adoption.

        This presentation will focus on how we digitally drive forward the next generation of employees with the appropriate education and skills. The presentation will cover how Innovation Birmingham is engaging them to address a journey of life-long learning and recognition that the way in which they learn and want to work is different. Harnessing these new approaches we will deliver a presentation for the next generation of innovators and a motivated work-force.
        14:55 - How Augmented Reality is changing staff training and skills - Speaker: Michael Lewis, Digitally Assisted Assembly Technical Lead, AMRC

        The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing helps manufacturers of any size to become more competitive by introducing advanced techniques, technologies and processes. It is part of the AMRC Group, a cluster of world-class centres for industry-focused research and development of technologies used in high-value manufacturing sectors. The AMRC is built on strategic partnerships, and within the brand new state of the art Factory 2050, the digital manufacturing team are working with a large number of digital technology providers to understand how the application of disruptive technology can improve production, increase quality, and drive traceability. Under the banners of digitally assisted assembly and manufacturing informatics, the digital manufacturing team develop connected, intelligent applications, incorporating both augmented and virtual reality, through both fixed, mobile and wearable platforms.

        The presentation will be an introduction to virtual and augmented technology work being conducted at the AMRC and how this is driving the skills and training agenda.
        15:10 - Case Study: Sensor City - Speaker: Alison Mitchell, Executive Director, Sensor City

        Sensor City is a collaboration between the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University and is a flagship University Enterprise Zone. We enable industry and academic partners in a range of sectors to translate their innovative sensor concepts into commercially viable solutions. This presentation will examine the important role of "Hands on" concepts which can drive innovation, provide platforms for organisations and solve challe for Cities and Towns
        15:25 - Question and Answer Session

      15:35 - Refreshments & Expo

      15:50 - Elevator Pitching - The Winner's presentation

      16:10 - Closing Keynote - How can UK Cities tackle crime through innovation

      - Speaker: The Rt Hon. The Lord West of Spithead GCB DSC PC

    • Are UK Cities prepared for terror attacks?
    • Are UK Cities addressing cyber security?
    • How do we take a shared approach to tackle crime and terrorism?
    • Are UK City workforces skilled on cyber crime?

    • 16:50 - 18:30 Drinks Reception & Awards

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