Award Categories

Our 2018 Awards are no closed, check back soon to find the categories for the 2019 Awards. 

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    + Entrants must demonstrate project has overcome a transport challenge for a City/Town
    + Entrants must demonstrate project has utilised either innovation, data or citizen engagement
    + Entrants to cite any financial savings

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    + Entries to highlight how data has tackled a City/Town challenge
    + Entries to demonstrate use of Big Data or Shared Data

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Citizen Engagement
    + Entries to showcase methods of citizen engagement
    + Entries to highlight how engaged with citizens, tools used and outcomes
    + Entries to highlight what challenge was overcome

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    + Entrants must demonstrate how innovation used to improve facilities
    + Entrants to highlight how project improved supply and demand
    + Entrants to highlight improvements to building users, visitors or staff

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    + Entries to highlight how project improved digital engagement for citizens or users
    + Entries to demonstrate use of IOT
    + Entries to highlight key outcomes of project

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    + Entries to highlight how project reduced risk
    + Entries to showcase how innovation was used in the project
    + Entries to highlight how education and training was utilised

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      +Justin Anderson, Executive Chairman, Flexeye

      Justin has been leading the way for many years now. His work at the Hypercat Alliance has enabled collaboration and developed standards not only in the UK but world wide and will be an important component as the UK make the transition to a smart economy.

      +Peter Madden OBE, Chief Executive, Future Cities Catapult

      Peter has led Future Cities Catapult to support companies make cities safe, inclusive and resilient. He has helped develop projects including Sensing Cities which provides test beds to address air quality and pedestrian activity.

      +Dr Jacqui Taylor, Chief Executive, FlyingBinary and HM Government advisor on Smart Cities

      Recognised in 2016 as one of the 100 most powerful UK entrepreneurs. An appointment for the third year as an Independent Ministerial Advisor in Cabinet Office of H.M. Government as an Open Data domain expert recognised her as a web scientist of influence in the era of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT).An expert lead for the British Standards Institute team on ISO eStandards for Smart Cities Jacqui is currently advising on the importance GDPR will play in data within the UK and the impact it could have on smart cities projects.

      +Andrew Collinge, Assistant Director at the Greater London Authority

      Andrew has played a pivotal role in making London one of the leading smart cities in Europe and the UK. He led a successful bid for 25 million euros from the Horizon 2020 programme as well driving the Mayors "2020 vision". The publication of the London Data Strategy has opened up the eyes of many UK Cities as they look at how to share and use data effectively.

      +Daniel Clarke, Smart Cities Programme Manager, Cambridge County Council

      Daniel has developed and programme managed a Smart Cities programme for Cambridge (Smart Cambridge) including the development of an underpinning city architecture and projects which use new and emerging technologies to address city challenges such as Transport, Air Quality and Health and Social Care. Daniel is making Cambridge a front runner for the Smartest City in the UK!

      +Helen Milner OBE, Chief Executive, Good Things Foundation

      Helen has been leading the way in Digital for many years. In 2017 she was voted Digital Leader of the Year at the DL100 Awards. Helen and the Foundation are advocates of digital inclusions which is a key driver in making the UK smart. The Foundation is leading a Future Digital Inclusion programme to enable hundreds and thousands of people gain basic digital skills. Without digital knowledge and education how can we make a country smart?