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2018 Sponsors

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World Hacks brings a fresh perspective  by tracking down and exploring ideas which have changed, improved or turned things around. Harnessing the global reach of BBC World Service, an international team of journalists will scrutinise ideas that are making a difference and, crucially, look at whether they can work elsewhere. Stories such as how people make water in Peru, deliver aid in Lebanon or train police in parts of the US to try and prevent fatal shootings. By focusing on solutions we can frame the news differently, make our journalism richer. Hard news has a tendency to treat people as victims. Hearing from agents of change reverses the telescope – and often makes for great, inspiring stories.

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PROWLER.IO's team of Cambridge-based, world-class researchers creates Machine Learning technologies to help you understand, guide and optimise the millions of micro-decisions that occur in complex, dynamic environments.

Its platform will transform fields like systems engineering, autonomous vehicles, game design and smart city planning. develops autonomous decision making systems on the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Using state of the art computational tools – probabilistic modelling, reinforcement learning and multi-agent systems – we build agents that rapidly learn from and adapt to their environments.
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Cleverciti overrhead Parking Sensors analyse & measure parking spaces in real time & allow cities & private parking operators to manage their on-street parking in an intelligent & efficient way.

Cleverciti Systems is a disruptive solution which combines IoT and big data expertize to revolutionize the management of on- street and open-air parkings. The mission is on the one hand to improve the standards of living of citizens by eliminating search traffic and reducing CO2 emissions. The app provides a live overview of available and occupied parking spaces, and guides drivers directly to the nearest available space in the immediate vicinity. On the other hand, Cleverciti aims at helping cities and private parking operators upgrading the management of one of their key assets: parkings, by optimising usage, increasing revenues and enhancing monitoring. The Cleverciti Solution is reliable (high proven accuracy & robust), cost-effective (long range, high number of spaces managed by one sensor), and plug & play.

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Bouygues Energies & Services provides engineering and service capabilities from conception, design and construction through to facility management within the UK.

With an excellent track record of delivering services in a range of complex and secure critical environments, we deliver fully-integrated, sustainable lifecycle solutions, within both the public and private sectors.

Services include:

  • Consulting / Contracting – turnkey design and build solutions for critical, high tech facilities.

  • Facility Management – hard and soft facility management, life cycle planning and project delivery services.

  • Infrastructure Services – utilities services, civil and electrical engineering solutions in public/highways lighting, telecommunications, electrical and gas network infrastructure.

  • Energy Management – and performance services – strategic carbon planning, energy compliance and procurement, infrastructure design, installation and maintenance

Our network of offices throughout the UK enables us to support and service all our clients’ critical infrastructure and building requirements at both local and national levels.

With subsidiaries in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Africa, we can support our clients wherever they are.

We are a European and International market leader in the development, implementation and operation of long-term partnerships with more than 100 PPP/PFI * contracts worldwide.

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Clear Channel UK is one of the world's leading Out of Home media owners with more than 40,000 sites nationwide. You'll find Clear Channel advertising from Inverness in Scotland to Truro in Cornwall and in every major urban area in between.

From continued investment in classic Adshel bus stops to leading the digital out of home revolution, we continually find new and interesting ways to help brands meet people throughout the UK. Our dedicated team of more than 650 people work in 14 locations nationwide work to create and post stunning advertising, as well as cleaning and maintaining street furniture, making the urban environment better for local communities.

We have long-term partnerships with advertisers, agencies, landlords and local authorities, helping advertisers reach people in public spaces on our classic and digital platforms across the country.

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OpenDataSoft is a complete online platform designed to quickly and economically transform all types of data and APIs into innovative services. Its mission is to facilitate the publication, sharing and re-use of data by business users and to stimulate the creation of applications. 

OpenDataSoft addresses public sector organizations - administrations, cities and local authorities - as well as utilities and companies from the private sector. It proposes turnkey solutions to meet the needs of organizations that want to make data valorization a lever for economic development and to collaborate with their ecosystems (employees, partners, customers, users, citizens). 

Open Data portals, data hubs for Smart City projects, data and API monetization, real-time monitoring of data from connected objects: OpenDataSoft is the missing link between data producers and innovators who will use them to develop new services.

Available in the cloud in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, the platform is extremely simple to handle and offers a large number of features that evolve constantly:

  • Automatic generation of APIs

  • Interactive data visualizations

  • Interoperability

  • Content editor

  • Modular user rights management

Headquartered in Paris, OpenDataSoft already powers data portals for many municipalities and companies worldwide – including the City of Eindhoven.

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Broadway Malyan

Broadway Malyan is a global architecture, urbanism and design practice dedicated to creating cities, buildings and places that will provide a lasting legacy. Through a shared design ethos, we work together to create places with a strong sense of identity where people and communities want to live, learn, shop, work and relax.

Our collaborative approach to integrated sustainable design has enabled us to deliver award-winning projects at all scales across the world. Every project, from a strategic city plan to the craftmanship of a balustrade, reflects our passion for quality design and place-making.

As an employee-owned practice, we are able to create an inclusive culture where everyone has a strong sense of engagement and shared responsibility in the future of our business.  We are committed to investing and inspiring our people, so we can attract and retain the best talent to strengthen our reputation as both a design practice and an employer of choice.

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In May 2012 we launched the software service and we continue to introduce customer requested features on an almost monthly basis. We have over 1000 schools, 1000 charities and over half the University sector in the UK using the service, as well as Councils, the NHS and the private sector. In 2014 we picked up our first overseas customer. Our customers have picked up many awards by applying our system to their own asset and reuse problems.

The Warp It vision is to be a network where buying new is the last resort and nothing is wasted. A network where reusable items are redistributed for their 2nd and 3rd useful lives. When the items fail they are diverted into repair and reintroduced later.

We want to reduce waste and carbon emissions. We want to make it easy for staff to reduce unnecessary purchasing. We want to make it easy for organisations to divert surplus resources to charity and SMEs so they can further their aims.

We want public sector, business and charity to collaborate to reduce resource use, encourage efficiency and sustainability.

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CL specialises in immersive technology. We have a long history working with virtual worlds ever since we were founded in the year 2000. Since then we were one of the first to host virtual concerts in Second Life, a long way from what is considered to be immersion today. Lately, we've been focussing on bringing the exciting potential of virtual reality to new industries. We've done work with large infrastructure projects, nuclear decommissioning, but also immersive training experiences and what we find is always the same. That the more immersive our applications are, the more value they add to our client's organisations. We have a team of creatives from differing backgrounds with a shared desire to make your work more fun by crafting the best digital experiences.

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Research & Development Tax Credits were first introduced in 2000 and, since then, have provided over £6billion in benefit to UK based companies. Despite being an invaluable relief to companies undertaking qualifying activities, the take up is still very low, with the biggest reason for companies not applying for R&D tax credits being the common misconception that R&D is only undertaken by those wearing white coats working in laboratories. In actual fact, the majority of claims are made by those in the manufacturing sector followed by those involved in technology based activities such as software development. A project also doesn't have to be successful to qualify and you can claim R&D Tax Credits even if a project fails or is aborted part way through.

R&D Consulting was formed with the simple aim of helping all eligible companies in the UK claim R&D tax relief and, to date, have generated over £15million in benefit for their clients. They are a specialist firm who employ industry experts and only offer advice regarding R&D Tax relief, so there is no need to change your current accountant to use their service.

 If you are able to answer yes to any of the following questions, please get in touch for a no obligations introductory call:

• Do you attempt to solve problems or overcome common industry problems?

• Have you developed any prototypes?

• Have you had to undertake any projects on a "trial and error" basis?

• Do you subcontract anyone to carry out design work for you?

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arktrace was founded in Cambridge, UK, in 2013 by mathematicians and machine learning specialists from the University of Cambridge, together with world-leading intelligence experts from MI5 and GCHQ, to bring transformative technology to the challenge of cyber security.

With this unique combination of expertise in mathematics, software and intelligence, Darktrace has delivered the world’s first operational Enterprise Immune System. Our leading-edge solution gives organizations the ability to detect emerging cyber-threats, allowing them the opportunity to proactively defend against in-progress cyber-attacks.

Our executive team has extensive experience in government intelligence and cyber operations and the protection of critical national infrastructure. This team is supported by a specialist cyber analyst team, with unparalleled experience of some of the most sophisticated threats in today’s complex security environment.

Darktrace has experienced rapid growth since its foundation, growing revenues by over 600% year-over-year, and recruiting over 600 employees working across 30 global offices. It was named ‘Best Security Company of the Year 2016’ at the Info Security Global Excellence Awards and a Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’ 2015.

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We value our cities and so we constantly endeavour to make them beautiful wherever they may be

Public realms are fascinating places where people meet each other and also experience the history of the city. We are really pleased that our design is directedtowards something as interesting as urban areas. We can offer fine quality to all citizens and influence their taste. For mmcité, making street furniture is a cultural mission. We can completely change the face of the city by installing just a few small elements.

mmcité is not only a supplier of high-quality street furniture, our company is also a partner to all those who want to create something special within public spaces. Mayors of cities of all sizes, in the mountains or coastal areas, architects of small teams and large design institutions, construction companies of local or transnational importance – we address all of them with the aim of achieving the perfect project.

At the beginning, there is always a design sketch, a mere intention. The strong team of experienced and educated professionals create strong, high-quality products. Efficient functionality, careful processing and affordable costs are the main parameters that we monitor throughout the process. Modern design and distinctive expression represent a constant standard of mmcité.

We combine the very best materials, which are further continuously tested. We take advantage of two sources. On the one hand, our long-term experience, on the other hand, our constant effort to innovate the materials. Only the best is chosen. Functionality, durability and of course the price are the most important criteria for us.



Since its inception in 2002, 360 Vision Technology has built a solid reputation for the design and manufacture of a range of innovative and robust CCTV surveillance camera and control solutions as well as unique and patent pending static and PTZ LED illumination solutions in both infra red and white light options.

Built in the UK and supported by first class customer service, 360 Vision Technology’s analogue, HD IP, Stainless Steel, Thermal and Radar controlled CCTV surveillance cameras are designed to suit a broad range of general and harsh environment applications across many market sectors.

With an acknowledged reputation as a market leader in CCTV surveillance, 360 Vision Technology’s team of highly experienced software, electronic and mechanical engineers are consistently innovating and expanding its camera product range – to meet customers’ ever changing needs. Over the years, we have developed an extensive range of analogue, high definition, white light, infrared, cooled and uncooled thermal, polished stainless steel and radar controlled CCTV surveillance cameras, to meet or exceed any demand.

In addition, we are proud of our 3rd party partnerships with some of the world’s leading technology manufacturers. We proactively work with emerging technologies to enhance our products and their value add system benefits.

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Giosprite are a company who believe that Smart Technologies and the Internet of Things should be used to really make a difference to people's lives.

They should deliver real, tangible benefits to our customers and to local people and they should be affordable - not just for large cities with big budgets - so we are smashing down the barriers to turn Smart City concepts into cost effective, working realities.  

We have developed an Ecosystem of smart network technologies spanning transport, tourism, environmental and social care to help local authorities gain valuable insight from IoT data quickly and easily. So you can better plan, develop and deliver new, improved and more sustainable services to make your communities better places to live, work and visit.

With over 20 years' experience of delivering networking and communications technology solutions, we provide all hardware, software, networks and expertise meaning we are a single supplier for all your Smart City project needs. Our consultative approach means we work in partnership with you to achieve your goals. And with data and network security our top priority, you can be assured that your data and your citizens' data is safe and protected at all times.

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Millennium Hotels and Resorts is a hotel company that treats the guest as family, with a unique range of global properties. Our hotels are never cookie-cutter, but always fresh, surprising and tailored to their location. We seamlessly blend Asian hospitality with western comfort.

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