Smart Cities UK Webinar Series

How to become a Smart City- Introducing Innovation via Collaboration

Smart Cities are often attractive locations to live, work and visit.  But the concept is not static: there is no absolute definition of a smart city, no end- point, but rather a process, or series of steps, by which cities become more "liveable" and resilient and, hence, able to respond quicker to new challenges.  Thus, a Smart City should enable every citizen to engage with all the services on offer, public as well as private.

The first in a series of Webinars supporting UK Cities to understand how to utilise innovation to make services smarter. This series, part of the annual Smart Cities UK Conference & Expo in 2018, will provide Local Authorities with bite-size guidance and information on the low hanging fruit and quick wins to enable them to work smarter, saving money whilst delivering high quality public services.

Webinar 3- Securing our Cities- July 20th 2017

Following a spate of terrorist attacks within the UK in both London and Manchester, we will be hosting a webinar to address how Cities can tackle this growing threat through innovation. Drawing on other Cities across the world, this webinar will highlight how UK Cities can adapt to new threats both online and offline. We will explore:

  • Tackling terrorism through shared data
  • What we can learn from Cities like New York
  • The role of the internet in terrorism
  • UK City collaboration

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Past Webinar:

Webinar 2 - Citizen Engagement for Smart Cities- May 24th 2017
This webinar looked at the important role of Citizen Engagement on behalf of Towns and Cities across the UK. Citizen-led innovations within a Smart City will create Smart Citizens. However, understanding how these innovations can be interpreted and understood by the citizen is a dilemma.  Therefore do we need a top down or bottom up approach when it comes to educating our citizens on how a smart city can benefit them.
This webinar will explore key opportunities to address and improve citizen engagement across the UK, it will explore:
How to inform and consult with citizens
How to collaborate and engage with citizens
Empower the citizen
Citizen driven innovation
Future opportunities for engagement
Speakers include:
Chris Cooper, CEO, Knownow Cities
Gemma Ginty, Urban Futures Lead, Future Cities Catapult

Watch Webinar here