PROWLER.io's team of Cambridge-based, world-class researchers creates Machine Learning technologies to help you understand, guide and optimise the millions of micro-decisions that occur in complex, dynamic environments.

Its platform will transform fields like systems engineering, autonomous vehicles, game design and smart city planning.

PROWLER.io develops autonomous decision making systems on the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Using state of the art computational tools – probabilistic modelling, reinforcement learning and multi-agent systems – we build agents that rapidly learn from and adapt to their environments.
  For more information visit https://www.prowler.io/


We are a company with a mission. We want to make the world a better place by making cities and organisations smarter.

The issues that cities face are hard to solve. And get more complex by the day, while at the same time budgets are tight.

Our team is passionate about solving these challenges. That is why we think and dream big. We solve problems by applying the latest in data science, machine learning and deep learning.

We believe that only working with exceptional talent and expertise brings the insight and operational intelligence our customers need to bring about valuable and tangible change.

HAL24K is using advanced data science, machine learning and deep learning to address these challenges. We have designed an approach to data analytics capable of unlocking the insights needed for efficient city management.

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