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08:30 - Registration & Expo

09:05 - Chairs introduction & Welcome


09:10 - Making London the worlds smartest City

Speaker: Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London - Invited

09:25 - Northern powerhouse

Speaker: Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester - Invited

09:45 - How do we build an intelligent City?

Speaker - Peter Madden OBE, Ambassador, Future Cities Catapult- -Invited

10:05 - Main Sponsor

Speaker: Sponsored Session- enquire info@ascentevents.co.uk

10:25 - Panel discussion: How to create a strategy for a Smart City?

A recent Report found that fewer than half (47 percent) of UK cities even had an established definition for a smart city, and just 22 percent had a smart city action plan.

Although such cities as Bristol, London and Glasgow are making huge strides on smart city development, many cities lack a cohesive strategy which includes a lack of engagement with citizens. However, is salvation around the corner?

The recent Mayoral appointments by key cities in England points to a more focused approach with the potential to increase collaboration between authorities, built environment and industry. This panel discussion will provide the platform for questions with our streamed sessions dedicated to discovering the solutions available.

  • Dr Clare Eriksson, Director, Global Research & Policy, RICS - Invited
  • Peter Madden OBE, Ambassador, Future Cities Catapult - Invited
  • Helen Goulden, Executive Director, Innovation Labs, Nesta - Confirmed
  • Mark Lloyd, Chief Executive, LGA - Invited
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  • 11:05 - Refreshments & Expo

    Conference Breakout

    Stream 1 - Data

      11:30 - Chair's Welcome - TBC
      11:35 - A.I. - Speaker: Vishal Chatrath, CEO and co-founder, PROWLER.io
      11:50 - Big Data - Speaker TBC
      12:05 - Mapping - 5G deployment: think global, act local
      Cities and local authorities will have an increasingly proactive role in shaping the 5G communications rollout within their communities to underpin a range of smart initiatives. This presentation will set out the strategic findings from a recent project in Bournemouth, including the benefits for cities of adopting and maintaining detailed data about the local environment for the successful implementation of 5G.
      Speakers: Ordnance Survey, Met Office and the University of Surrey
      12:20 - Open Data - Speaker TBC
      12:35 - Questions from the floor

    Stream 2 - Infrastructure

      11:30 - Chair's Welcome - Dr Clare Eriksson, Director, Global Research & Policy, RICS - Invited
      11:35 - Buildings - Michael Holmes, Chair, NaCSBA- Invited
      11:50 - Energy Efficiency - Sponsored speaking slot- Enquire info@ascentevents.co.uk
      12:05 - Utilities - Sponsored speaking slot- Enquire info@ascentevents.co.uk
      12:20 - Case Study:Tackling Air quality in Glasgow

      In Glasgow, CENSIS has developed a low-cost system to monitor in real time key air parameters in different areas of the city. It can be deployed flexibly and rapidly in a mobile configuration on the top of vans. This has helped Glasgow city, in an economic way, to control pollution levels with just one IoT device moving around the city. “Sensing the City” provides indicative air quality data in areas without coverage in order to support identification of pollution sources

      Alex Mateo, Senior Key Account Manager Smart Cities, Libelium
      12:35 - Q&A

    Stream 3 - Citizen Engagement

      11:30 - Chair's Welcome - - Speaker TBC
      11:35 - Health & Wellbeing for citizens

      How consumer-centric technology can be used to empower people, giving them access to their own health data and enabling them to use it to improve their health and wellbeing

      Declan Hadley, Digital Health Lead, Lancashire and Cumbria Change Programme -
      11:50 - Designing Cities

      Priya Prakesh, Founder, D4SC
      12:05 - Understanding the Citizen Better - David Hunter, Assistant Director for ICT & Digital Transformation at Salford City Council - Invited
      12:20 - Smart Tourism - Sponsored speaking slot- Enquire info@ascentevents.co.uk
      12:35 - Q&A

    12:55 - Lunch & Expo

    13:55 - Elevator Pitching - The EIT Smart Cities Start-up challenge

    Details to follow soon

    Conference Breakout

    Stream 4 - Security

      14:35 - Chair's Welcome - Speaker TBC
      14:40 - Surveillance - Speaker TBC
      14:55 - Cyber Security - Sadie Creese, Professor of Cyber Security, Oxford University - Invited
      15:10 - Emerging Threats & Terrorism - Speaker TBC
      15:25 - Q&A

    Stream 5 - Finance

      14:35 - Chair's Welcome - TBC
      14:40 - Virtual Currency - Sponsored speaking slot- Enquire info@ascentevents.co.uk
      14:55 - Designing Efficiency - Speaker TBC
      15:10 - Reinventing Insurance - Speaker TBC
      15:25 - Q&A

    Stream 6 - Workforce

      14:35 - Chair's Welcome - Speaker TBC
      14:40 - Rise of the Robots - Speaker TBC
      14:55 - Augmented Reality Training - Sponsored speaking slot- Enquire info@ascentevents.co.uk
      15:10 - Case Study: Sensor City

      Sensor City is a collaboration between the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University and is a flagship University Enterprise Zone. We enable industry and academic partners in a range of sectors to translate their innovative sensor concepts into commercially viable solutions. This presentation will examine the important role of "Hands on" concepts which can drive innovation, provide platforms for organisations and solve challe for Cities and Towns

      Speaker: Alison Mitchell, Executive Director, Sensor City
      15:25 - Q&A

    15:30 - Refreshments & Expo

    15:50 - Elevator Pitching - The Winner

    16:10 - What Cities Can Learn from the Wannacry Cyber-Attack and how to tackle terrorism through innovation?

      Andy Cuff, CEO, Computer Network Defence - Invited
      Jessica Rushworth, Director of Government Engagement and Policy, Digital Catapult - Invited
      Stephanie Daman, CEO, Cyber Security Challenge UK - Invited

    16:50 - Closing word

    17:00-19:00 - Drinks Reception & Awards Ceremony

    Awards Categories include:
  • Transport
  • Data
  • Citizen Engagement
  • Buildings
  • Connectivity
  • Security
  • Leadership
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